Welcome to the Islington Parks Event Office

If you would like to organise an event in one of our parks you will need to apply for council permission through EventApp.


To use EventApp you will need to register your details and create a log in. To do this click on Make an Application – this will take you to the registration page.




Once registered, to start your application, click on the Make an Application button on your home page.


There are information buttons to the right of each question which will help you complete your answer.


Along with your application we also require a risk assessment, site plan and event plan. Templates of most of these documents are available to download on the right hand side. These can be uploaded through the supporting documents page of the application. We can send you a site plan of the park you want to have an event in, just email us at park.events@islington.gov.uk.


Please ensure you click on the Submit button at the end of the Declaration page or your application will remain in 'draft' status. We only deal with submitted applications.


There are fees associated with your event - costs are provided on application. You will also be required to purchase Public Liability Insurance for your event.


What’s next


Once you’ve clicked on Submit, you will receive a confirmation email summarising your event, including a checklist of items that we need more details about in your Event Plan. If you don't receive this email check you have definitely clicked on Submit and check it hasn't gone into your spam / junk folder.


Once the application has been submitted it will appear in your homepage with a ‘New’ status. Once the status has changed from ‘New’ it means someone in the Events Team is looking at it and you will need to request access to make changes, but this is very easy to do.


Additional information required 


You may be required to provide more information depending on which activities you choose to have at your event.

In some cases you may need to apply for a separate licence from a different team. For example, to have music you may need to apply for Temporary Events Notice from the Licensing Team and for a bouncy castle you may need a Temporary Structure Licence.

To check if you will need to provide further information or apply for separate licences, please see the downloadable document to the right (No. 5). Additional fees may apply.

You can upload further supporting documentation at any time - remember that templates and guidance about many documents we need can be downloaded from the list on the right hand side.

Privacy Notice 
The Council will use the information you provide for the purpose of ensuring that the event applied for can be processed. We will share the information with other Council departments/external bodies as part of the event approval process. This will include the Council’s Public Protection Division and Health & Safety Team. The Police, Fire Service and London Ambulance Service may also be contacted depending on the nature of the event.
We will always process your information in accordance with the law - for more information on the basis on which we process, use and store your information, please refer to the Council’s Privacy Policy

For any technical queries relating to EventApp, please call the software provider on 020 7620 0391 or email support@apply4.com and their customer support team will be happy to help.