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Applying for a permit using the Apply4 platform

Step 1 - Sign up for an account: https://app.apply4.com/users/sign_up.

Step 2 - Log In: https://app.apply4.com/users/sign_in.

Step 3 - Select the right app. Select the right permitting authority. Complete your application using the help text to answer any questions.

Step 4 - Submit you application, agree to the terms and conditions and receive a summary document.

Step 5 - Use your dashboard to follow your application's progress and make any changes. To do this go to https://app.apply4.com/ and clicking on whichever application you are applying with. 


Application basics

Throughout the application fields marked: ‘*’, are mandatory.

Hovering over the blue question mark gives further instructions. 

You can navigate through the application by clicking on the different tabs on the left side of the page. When it is complete the tab will have a green circle with a tick to its left. If we need more information then the circle will be grey. 

Click ‘Next’ to progress to the next section or ‘Previous’ to go back. You can also navigate between sections by clicking on the different tabs. You save your progress as you move between sections.

You can save your application as a draft at any time by clicking ‘Save as draft’. Having done this you can log out and come back to the application at a later date. The application is also saved at regular intervals.

When you have finished everything click the Submit Application button.

Contact us at support@apply4.com if you have any questions for us or feedback on our platform.


Accessibility basics

Navigating the website using a keyboard:

If you're unable to use a mouse or keyboard, you can "focus" on any question, button, or link on our application form using the tab button.

You can use the arrow buttons to go through options on dropdown menus. You can use the enter key to "click" on an option, once you've focussed on it.