Welcome to the City and County of Honolulu's portal for the Modified Quarantine Program for the Film and Television Industry

(Updated April 16, 2021)

On this site you will be able to download and submit the necessary documents to request an exemption from:

      •  the State of Hawaii 10-day Mandatory Quarantine Order, or the
      •  the State of Hawaii Safe Travels program, if production is unable to use one of the State-approved PCR testing vendors.

Active productions, on behalf of the Travaler may apply to participate in the Modified Quarantine Program for the Film and Television Industry if either of the above options cannot be used.

The documents that need to be completed must be downloaded from the Useful Documents section on the right, and saved to your local drive before filling them out.  Once completed, the documents must be uploaded to be processed.

The required documents are:

     •  Modified Quarantine Application form, completed and updated by the production company with each valid test result
     •  Modified Quarantine Traveler Attestation form, completed by the Traveler and uploaded by production 

To participate, incoming cast and crew must be willing to take two COVID-19 PCR tests.

The first one is a PRE-FLIGHT TEST taken two to three days prior to departure.  The Traveler will be required to self-isolate between the first test and travel to Hawaii.  After the Traveler receives a negative test result for their pre-flight test, production must update their application form and attest to the negative test result by amending the application form and uploading it to the Documents Section.

Once a negative pre-flight test is obtained, the film office will send production an Exemption Letter with a unique traveler number that the Traveler must present to airport screeners upon arrival.

The Traveler must sign up with Safe Travels ONLY to register their trip (enter their trip information) and, within 24 hours of their flight, must complete the State of Hawaii Health questionnnaire.  The Traveler should NOT upload any documents to the Safe Travels platform or enter any exemption numbers.  The Traveler will NOT received a QR code prior to landing.  This will be resolved through the Exemption screening process.

As of January 26, 2021.  the United States federal government requires that all travelers entering the US from international locales obtain a negative covid-19 test prior to flight.  The testing requirements of the Modified Quarantine Program are in sync with this Presidential Order with a test taken no sooner than 3 days prior to flight.  The type of test taken must meet the Hawaii standards.  Not all tests accepted by the federal government are accepted in Hawaii.  The Hawaii tests must be a PCR or NAAT which can include rapid molecular tests.  Antigen tests (many of which are rapid) are not accepted.  

Upon arrival, the Traveler should proceed directly to the Exemption screening area.  After clearing the airport, the Traveler's status will be updated and the Traveler is on Modified Quarantine, allowing the crew member to move between their place of residence and the job site (set, production office, etc) until a SECOND PCR TEST can be taken no sooner than 7 days from the 1st, pre-travel test. 

After the second negative test is received, the traveler has completed the Modified Quarantine program.  General public guidance regarding Covid-19 as stated in Governor Executive Orders or Mayor Emergency Orders should be followed.

If a Traveler has recently recovered from Covid-19 and is flying to Honolulu, please contact the Honolulu Film Office to discuss the options available at info@filmhonolulu.com.  

There are no exemptions available for travelers based on their vaccination status in the Modified Quarantine Program.  Crew being traveled in must follow the testing-based procedures of the Modified Quarantine Program.  Production is encouraged to look to the State of Hawaii's Safe Travels platform to see if the program has been updated and accepting vaccine status for travel exemptions.

Crew members are not obligated to participate in the Modified Quarantine Program to travel to Hawaii.  If a cast or crew member is not able to or does not want to take a COVID-19 test, they would arrive in Honolulu as a normal tourist and follow the standard procedures for all tourists arriving in Hawaii.  Information on the latest requirements for the general public can be found in the hawaiicovid19 link below.

For Honolulu-specific Film Industry COVID-19 Guidance and other useful documents please go to:

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