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Please allow at least FIVE (5) business days in advance of project start date to process standard filming permits. Ten (10) business days are required to process permits for filming/still photography at Heritage Village and shoots that require special assistance. 

Welcome to FilmApp St. Pete / Clearwater!

The St. Petersburg / Clearwater Film Commission, a division of Visit St. Pete/Clearwater and a Pinellas County Government program, facilitates on location shoots by liaising with production companies and film permitting authorities.  To streamline the permitting process and increase your involvement, we have launched FilmApp St. Pete/Clearwater.

First-time users need to register with FilmApp.  Each time you log in after that, FilmApp will auto-populate key fields on the permit application so you don’t have to.  You’ll also have access to a dashboard where you can view and manage all of your applications, as well as submit questions and track their response.

When should you apply for a filming permit?

On location work that involves any public property within Pinellas County typically requires a film permit. Public property includes, but is not limited to, city-, county- and state-managed parks, beaches, buildings, roads, bridges, sidewalks, transportation hubs, and certain places of interest.

Shoots that involve street/sidewalk blockage or closure; that include stunts, vehicle chases, fights or real or prop weapons; that use fire/pyrotechnics/explosives/smoke; or that involve staged photography also require a film permit.  Larger production projects shooting on private property may also need a filming permit.

When in doubt, please complete the film permit application.  Once we have the details, we’ll advise how to proceed.  

See our Getting Started guide (at right) for more helpful information.

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