Welcome to FilmApp Seattle

Pursuant to the Governor's order to allow film production in Washington State, Seattle Master Film Permit applications are now being accepted for productions who are able to meet all guidelines set forth by Washington State's Phase 2 Motion Picture Production COVID-19 Requirements. The City of Seattle's requirements will meet state and public health guidelines.  

Any production working in Seattle should review Washington Filmworks Production Best Practices and Departmental Best Practices as part of your pre-production planning. 

If Washington State or King County reverts to Phase 1, or if changes in COVID-19 conditions make it necessary in the public interest, Seattle Master Film Permits will be suspended. 

To apply for a Seattle Master Film Permit, please follow the links below and contact us at filmoffice@seattle.gov or 206-233-3948. Please review the COVID-19 Film Guidance and Updates section of our website before applying for a permit, as some processes have temporarily changed to reflect public health guidance. 

With additional processing review, film productions should expect a minimum of 5 business days to process a film permit. B-roll / Low-impact productions may still be able to receive a permit in 1-3 business days. 

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a Seattle Film Permit for your production! We're a one-stop shop for film permitting. We'll coordinate with other city agencies to ensure a smooth film shoot.

Film Permitting Quick Facts

  • Film Permits are a flat $25 per day. Productions may film at multiple locations in a single day, and the fee will remain the same
  • Film Permits are only issued for city-owned property in the City of Seattle. This includes: City Parks, streets, sidewalks, and some city-owned buildings. This does not include: Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, Olympic Sculpture Park, the Great Wheel, and other city landmarks or tourist attractions
  • Parking may be reserved for your working production vehicles at a rate of $15 per metered space per day
  • Other fees may be incurred if your production impacts requires additional staffing by the the Seattle Police Department or Parks Department
  • For indepth information on our permitting rules and regulations, please consult our Film Manual
There is a 3 business day minimum turnaround to obtain a Seattle Film Permit for lower impact work or filming in City Parks. Higher impact filming, including traffic control, stunts, and after-hours work, requires at least a 5 business day turnaround and may require more location prep on your end including neighborhood notification, sign-offs, and other outreach. Refer to our FAQs page for more information.

If you have questions about the permitting process, please reach out to us via email at filmoffice@seattle.gov, or contact the permitting office at 206-233-3948.

Personal information entered in Film App is subject to Washington Public Records Act, and may be subject to disclosure to a third-party requestor.  At the City of Seattle, we are committed to protecting your privacy and will ensure that any disclosures are done according to law. To learn more about how this information is managed please see our Privacy Statement