West London Film Office

If you know where you want to film, this is where you make your application.

Register your name and the production company details and the Film App system remembers, meaning that if you’re doing a drama series for example you won’t have to enter these again whilst on the same shoot.

You can enter all the locations needed, one by one, even your full schedule. There is a fast track for small crews shooting simple scenes.

Likewise if you’re filming driving shots from a moving vehicle, there’s a fast track for that too, just enter the route details and we’ll check that out and get back to you. If you need parking, fill out the relevant form in the links on this page.

Once you have agreed to our terms and conditions, submit the application and you’ll receive an acknowledgement by e mail. We’ll then review all your details and contact you if we need any further information. Then if we agree to the shoot you’ll be sent an invoice. To pay the fee simply call our staffed Payment line 0208 825 5212 and use either credit card, BACS, etc.

FilmApp is being revised all the time, if you have any difficulty or if you have a suggestion about how it might be improved, please email support@apply4.com