Welcome to Maidstone Borough Council Events & Safety Advisory Group

Maidstone Borough Council uses Eventapp to administer event applications and notifications about events to the Safety Advisory Group.

Parks & Open Spaces
If you wish to hold your event on land owned by Maidstone Borough Council you first need to seek permission to hire the land for your event, you can do so by contacting the Events team via Events@Maidstone.gov.uk or call 01622 602718.

Safety Advisory Group

This online event notification process will ask you for information about your event; you will also need to attach your Event Management Plan, Traffic Management Plan, Risk Assessment and other relevant plans together with any Liability and Insurance documents. These plans will be shared with the SAG members who will comment on the plans and may ask for further information or suggest amendments; you may find you are invited to attend a SAG meeting to talk about your event in more detail.

Before you complete an event notification we recommend that you take a look at our Event Toolkit and supporting guidance documents, these contains information to help organisers plan their events and give organisers a sense of the plans and documents that will be needed. 

 Contact the Safety Advisory Group via SafetyAdvisoryGroup@Maidstone.gov.uk or call on 01622 602301.

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