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COVID-19 Update: 

In light of the rapidly evolving situation, Bristol City Council has made the decision not support the staging of any events between now and the end of July in Bristol parks and open spaces. 

Bristol City Council has received a large number of requests to postpone events and reorganise them for September and the autumn of 2020. We fully appreciate that the Coronavirus outbreak will have a major impact of the festivals and events programme in the city and this will generate considerable financial and reputational risks to event organisers.  BCC is not in a position to commit to dates for any events in August-October and will not be in a position until May of this year at the earliest.  BCC will update you as soon as we can with as much information as we can as the situation unfolds and we understand what instructions may be coming from central government by the late summer.

You must apply for site permission if you want to hold an event in a park, open space or street in Bristol, such as a:

  • fete or funday
  • carnival or funfair
  • festival
  • music concert
  • firework display
  • street event
  • marketing or promotional event

You must also apply for site permission to hold an event or activity in the Redcliffe Caves.

If you’re not sure if you need site permission, email site.permissions@bristol.gov.uk.

We look forward to working with you to deliver safe and successful events in Bristol.

Before you apply

Outdoor Event Guide

We have produced a comprehensive guide for event organisers,  which is intended to help you to plan and manage your events effectively, safely, legally and in line with the standards expected by Bristol City Council and Bristol’s Safety Advisory Group (SAGE).

We welcome all feedback and would like to hear if you found this guide useful, if there are any confusing sections or if links are no longer working. Please provide feedback to site.permissions@bristol.gov.uk.

Come along to one of our advice sessions, where you can talk to us about your plans and get guidance on holding an event and the site permission process.
If you have any queries, please contact site.permissions@bristol.gov.uk

Application fees and site hire costs

You have to pay an application and a site hire fee for every event on council land.

Event locations

We have a variety of parks you can use to hold an event. Our location map shows each site with details of:

  • facilities
  • parking and transport links
  • restrictions

City Centre marketing or promotional event
We have spaces in the city centre suitable for marketing or promotional events:

Street event
You can also have an event on a street, see guide to closing a road for a street party or event. You'll need site permission if you:

  • close more than one road
  • have more than 500 people attending
  • sell alcohol
  • have entertainment, like live music or performances
  • have items like portable toilets, generators, staging, funfair rides, catering, trade stalls and lighting

If you want to hold an event somewhere else, email site.permissions@bristol.gov.uk to see if you need permission from us.

Health and safety

Detailed information about event health and safety is available in the Purple Guide, written by the Events Industry Forum.

The Purple Guide contains a lot of information which might not be relevant for smaller events. If you're planning a small or medium event, health and safety information is available from the Health and Safety Executive.