Brent Events

Brent is a dynamic and cosmopolitan borough that hosts hundreds of events every year.  If you want to apply to hold an event in any of our parks, council buildings or public roads this can be done conveniently on-line.  Before you apply please read the document titled 'Organising events in Brent' located in a button on the right hand side of the page.  You will need to ensure you attach your event plan, risk assessment and map to your online event application together with your public liability insurance.  Once you have submitted your application we will send you an email confirming delivery.  Your event will be evaluated at the Safety Advisory Group that meet at the beginning of each month so it is important to get your application in at least three months in advance.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow BBQ's in our parks - this includes disposable or portable BBQs and any open fires - There are no exceptions to this rule. 

It is compulsory for you to comply with all the necessary health, safety and licencing requirements.  For guidance on event planning, management and key health, safety and licencing requirements please visit

There are charges to hold events in Brent locations which vary according to the size and complexity of the event and all commercial events will be charged at a commercial rate.  Details on charges can be found in the document titled 'Organising events in Brent' that you can access by clicking the right hand button with this title.

Any organisation recognised as charitable by the Charity Commission or HMRC for tax purposes with less than £10,000 income p.a. would be exempt from the charge from category 1 events.

If you have any questions regarding organising an event in Brent please email