Welcome to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Film Office

For a catalogue of filming locations across the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, please visit our Location Library.

For information and news about filming and events in Kensington and Chelsea, please visit our Filming and Events website.

If you know where you'd like to film, please make your application here. Kensington and Chelsea, along with most other London boroughs, uses a web-based film application process called FilmApp, designed to help both the film maker and the film officer.

The system asks you to register yourself. Next time, it remembers who you are and allows you to auto-complete the production details - the same details you entered the last time you used FilmApp. If you are working on a new production, please enter the new production details.

Set up the various locations you need one by one until you have entered all the locations. If you are intending to film driving shots from a moving vehicle, you can simply enter the route you intend to take.

Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, and submitted your application, you will receive an acknowledgement by email. If the application is successful, you will receive an invoice. Once your invoice has been paid, your licence will follow.

All applications are limited to a maximum of 10 locations per application. Please submit a new application if want to apply for any more than 10.

For any technical queries relating to FilmApp or password resets, please call the software provider on 0203 904 4547 or email support@apply4.com and their customer support team will be happy to help!